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The Future of Healthcare Delivery Is Here



We’re Here to Revolutionize the Way the World Receives Care


What if receiving healthcare was easy and transparent? 

What if you could speak to a nurse before rushing to the emergency room? 

What if instead of lengthy hospital stays, you received top-notch care in the comfort of your own home? 

What if specialists were just a virtual call away, saving you from navigating through multiple doctor appointments? 

What if healthcare wasn't just about treatments, but about understanding and empowerment, making every step of the journey meaningful and personalized to you? 

What if accessing healthcare were as simple as ordering pizza?


Fully Streamlined,

Uncompromisingly Simple

 Welcome to Resilient Healthcare's Care Anywhere platform.


Our comprehensive solution supports health systems in providing essential services such as hospital-at-home, virtual physician consultations, in-home physical therapy, remote patient monitoring, medication delivery (both self-administered and nurse-administered), patient engagement, reporting and analytics, all within a single platform.


Resilient Healthcare™ offers technology, management, labor, and contracting solutions for hospitals interested in developing hospital-at-home and Care Anywhere programs. For hospitals and health systems aiming to extend their presence within their communities, our services cater to hospitals at three distinct stages: 

New Program 

For those interested in starting a new Care Anywhere or hospital-at-home program.  

Program Scaling

For hospitals that have already started a Care Anywhere program but need help scaling.

Scale Management

For hospitals that already operate a sizeable Care Anywhere program but need help optimizing operations and data analytics to improve ROI.

No matter your stage, we offer customized financing solutions for hospitals, enhancing cash flow and ROI as you expand your hospital’s reach!

If you're a health system seeking further information,

join the waitlist below.


A Different Approach to Hospital Care,

Using Simple Methods,

& Advanced Technology 

Founding Story
from our Founder & CEO Dr. Jackleen Samuel PT DPT
“Dad’s in the hospital, again.” That call had become too familiar.
See the last 4 years of my dad’s life were spent in and out of hospitals, rehab facilities, and doctors’ appointments. He was 61 when he suffered his first stroke, 65 when he passed. Like most men raised in the 50’s & 60’s, he was a former smoker. He had the American cocktail of illnesses; poorly managed diabetes, high blood pressure & high cholesterol. As he grew more frail, the hospital visits increased. Each hospital stay lasting a little longer then the last. He typically came home weaker then when he left, until eventually we moved him to a long term care facility.
We have been where you are; tired, physically and mentally exhausted, anxious and stressed every time I got that call from a family member.
I founded this company for you.
We’ve simplified healthcare, delivering the care to you. We recruited the best clinicians for our platform and built a company to keep your loved ones home. We extend hospitals beyond their four walls, providing hospital level services anywhere. We are doctors, nurses, therapists, technology experts, hospitals, pharmacists, aides, dietitians, and social workers working together to reduce the burden of disease for you and your family.
We are Resilient, and so are you.


What does the Research Say?


Cost Savings

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that hospital-at-home care reduced costs by 38% compared to traditional inpatient care.


Reduction in Readmissions

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine reported a 70% reduction in 30-day readmission rates among hospital-at-home patients compared to traditional inpatient care.


Patient Preference

A survey published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that 91% of patients who received hospital-level care at home would choose this option again for similar medical conditions.


Less Stress

A study published in BMJ Open Quality reported that 96% of patients felt less stressed receiving care at home compared to inpatient hospital care.



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