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Virtual & Mobile Healthcare
When You
Need It Most 

An Innovative Healthcare Delivery System expanding hospital care to the community beyond the hospital walls 

Specializing in delivering high acuity care to patients with serious illnesses in their homes

Better Care, Lower Costs.

Better Care, Lower Costs.

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For Patients

Navigating the healthcare system with a serious illness can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing. Often, patients and loved ones are unaware of the many treatment options available to them.

By providing care in the home, we reduce the burden of unnecessary ER visits & recurring hospital stays.

Contact RHC's patient care navigator to help answer any questions about treatment options.

For Physicians

We partner with PCPs, ACOs, and specialists to reduce the burden and cost of disease.


Our goal is to work with likeminded physicians to provide an extra layer of support for their patients.

RHC is an alternative to Hospice and LTACHs for patients with serious illnesses who are still seeking aggressive treatment, providing both curative and supportive care at home. 

For Hospital Systems

We pioneered this program, working with industry leaders to advocate for a better healthcare delivery system.

Let our record speak for us, since 2018 we have kept our re-hospitalization rate to under 2%.

If your health system is looking for ways to reduce re-hospitalizations, manage extended length of stays, & 

increase your hospital capacity, contact us today. 

For Health Plans

The Industry Challenge:

How can we reduce overall healthcare costs while we improve access & quality of care & patient experience?


How do we get more and better for less? 


The Solution:

There is an opportunity within the healthcare deliver model to improve the quality of care for patients while reducing overall spending. 

By providing high acuity care at home, integrated with innovative technology, payers benefit from cost savings.

How it Works

How It Works

Resilient Healthcare is lead by board certified physicians working with an interdisciplinary team of specially-trained doctors, nurses, therapists, and other specialists to deliver high acuity care in the home setting. 


Combining the wisdom of traditional medicine with innovative and enabling technology,

Resilient Healthcare recreates the acute setting at home. 

 The physician or nurse practitioner conducts a comprehensive initial visit, taking the time to sit with patients and discuss illness symptoms, goals, and treatment options.  From physical therapy sessions, to x-rays, to IV infusion, to lab draws, to tele-monitoring, we coordinate with your doctors and deliver the care to you.

Founding Story

from our co-Founder & CEO Dr. Jackleen Samuel PT DPT

“Dad’s in the hospital, again.” That call had become too familiar.


See the last 4 years of my dad’s life were spent in and out of hospitals, rehab facilities, and doctors’ appointments. He was 61 when he suffered his first stroke, 65 when he passed. Like most men raised in the 50’s & 60’s, he was a former smoker. He had the American cocktail of illnesses; poorly managed diabetes, high blood pressure & high cholesterol. As he grew more frail, the hospital visits increased. Each hospital stay lasting a little longer then the last. He typically came home weaker then when he left, until eventually we moved him to a long term care facility.


I have been where you are; tired, physically and mentally exhausted, anxious and stressed every time I got that call from a family member.


I founded this company for you.


We’ve simplified healthcare, delivering the care to you. We recruited the best clinicians in North Texas and built a company to keep your loved ones home. We are essentially a hospital on wheels providing acute level services in your home. We are doctors, nurses, therapists, technology experts, pharmacists, aides, dietitians, and social workers working together to reduce the burden of disease for you and your family.


We are Resilient, and so are you.

ALS Patient Story

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.

Patient Testimonial

"I was impressed by Brandon and his team at Resilient and I am excited to see what the future holds for them in the DFW community."

Randy, Parkinson's Disease, 62



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