1. 1. 

    (of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Hospital at Home


Certified by the Medical Texas Board, we provide advanced, interdisciplinary care to patients in their homes. Our board-certified doctors direct and oversee a wide range of specialized services, from those recovering from knee replacements to those with chronic serious illnesses. We resemble a hospital without walls.

Subacute Care


Post-Acute Care


With a long-standing history in post-acute care, our founders identified a gap in services following hospital discharges for high acuity and palliative patients.


Patients who suffered from serious and chronic illnesses, but were not suited for hospice, had little to no options following discharge.  


Through market research, it was evident that a high percentage of hospital readmissions and emergency room visits could have been avoided, if there were physicians and qualified practitioners working in unison, monitoring and treating these patients at home. Further proving that improving management of serious illnesses by offering more services at home, directly reduces costs.


Our founders identified this need and began constructing a solution that would provide the appropriate care for these patients and change the way high-acuity patients get treated. 

Our goal is to improve post-acute outcomes at home while reducing hospital stays, preventing complications, minimizing re-admission rates, and decreasing unnecessary costs system wide. 







“My sister Valeda Bouyer was taken care of with
  the utmost respect and care. Everyone was a help to her and the family.
  Paulina was our angel from heaven. Love and respect to all.”

Mina Bouyer

“I can’t say, “Thank You” enough for the fabulous care Brian, PT & Pauline, NP have given me. I was so “distraught “ on the verge of a panic attack the Sat. Pauline came to see me. Not only did she assist me with my medical & physical needs but the love, compassion & soothing she displayed brought me to a place of “hope.” I was so scared & felt so hopeless when she arrived. Then, not only did she stay with me a long time on Sat to be sure I was okay but she came back 3 times on Sun (I was asleep the 1st 2 times). She wanted to be “absolutely” certain I was okay.

Jo Lynn Haussman

“We adore Pauline ❤️ she is always available no matter what time of day and always make feel loved and cared fors.”

Jerrie Klenk

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