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It’s Time for Healthcare Delivery to get Simple

“What Resilient is doing with its Care Anywhere concept represents where health care is going, especially from a patient-focused perspective,” Jim Kendrick, Community Hospital Corp., CEO 
“This partnership showcases the merging of vision and purpose to revolutionize healthcare delivery nationwide.”

Resilient Healthcare™️ provides a full technology stack and platform for hospitals and health systems to deliver Care Anywhere including hospital-at-home and community-based programs.

Virtual Care Anywhere &
Remote Patient Monitoring

Resilient Healthcare's™️ virtual care platform was designed by hospitalists and visiting clinicians, featuring transcription, live captioning, translation, and functionalities tailored for hospital workflows, as well as family and patient-centered care. The platform facilitates integration with remote patient monitoring devices, offering 24/7 continuous monitoring with BioBeat and remote 12-lead ECGs with SmartHeart.

Scheduling & Dispatching Visiting Clinicians

Resilient Healthcare™️ includes access to a vast network of skilled visiting clinicians, ensuring seamless onboarding, staffing, and care delivery in your community. Using AI, the platform optimizes scheduling and staffing in real time, while also handling invoicing for hospital and labor expenses efficiently. This empowers you to extend hospital-level care beyond your walls, reaching patients in their homes or other non-traditional settings seamlessly. 

Resilient Healthcare™️

Seamless User Experience


All care provided in the home and community is documented in Resilient Healthcare™️ and seamlessly integrated with hospital EMRs. This documentation encompasses billing coding and enables e-prescriptions with medication delivery through integration with over 90% of US pharmacies.


Our platform excels in reporting on readmissions, cost of care, and detailed episode of care information, along with a plethora of other data points and analytics.

Hospital EMR Integration

We provide seamless integration with hospital EMR systems, enabling simultaneous access to home-delivered care, improving communication and care coordination. Additionally, the platform integrates with billing and revenue cycle management to ensure robust support for billing and compliance needs.

Workflow Engine

Resilient Healthcare™️ enables hospitals to smoothly move patients from hospital to home. Our workflow engine handles insurance details, ensures timely patient visits, and securely shares information with all parties in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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